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about the couch

The couch is a place for people to gather and tell stories. Our lives seem to revolve around being sat on a couch while drinking and eating and chatting. We want to see if we can succeed in doing something kind of similar on the web. It won't be the same, we want it to be different, but its got to be interesting. So come and sit with us, and tell a story if you want.

Some acknowledgements: Warwick Wise, Anna Frase and Will Shaw all provided inspiration and support for the initial launch of this site in 1998 providing stories, artwork and the name; Stephane Poirier provided the wonderful image above; thanks to all the other contributors whether or not they got published.

Jason Kitcat (that's me) is the guy who keeps this site going and came up with the original idea but I feel obliged to tip the ol' fedora to Derek Powazek's the fray who showed us all what the web could do.