Sunset over Canoe Lake

First full day of work spent going round saying hi to old friends and asking where the others have gone. Suddenly the bell sounds, but it isn't lunch time. Ok, what does that bell mean? Its been a year, I just can't quite remember.

Holy shit! Huge fire extinguisher lobbed at me, run run run! I need to get fitter.

Canoe race

Completely unequipped in sandals, shorts, t-shirt and carrying what turns out to be a dead fire extinguisher I burst onto the scene of a huge fire. Erm, ok, I'm staff now - what do I do?

Bucket brigade, pumps. It's a cabin and some loonies are drenching themselves before running inside the inferno to cut it down to prevent airflow. The stupidity of this is magnified if one realises that the cabin is actually suspended above rocks and water by wooden poles.