Dave and Andrew

The fire could catch the roots and surrounding overhanging trees any minute so we end up looking very unheroic while chucking buckets of water not only on the ground but the trees. The cabin burnt and so did all the two staff members' clothes inside, but the forest didn't catch - mission successful.

Adrenalin could pretty much sum up this job. Speeding in a motorboat. Bombing along in a sailboat. Saving kids' butts.

After the fire I was ready for more. I got it: Runaway sailboats, kids cracking their heads, boats colliding in races.

On Trip

I did go on trip after all, staff shortages, you see. Nightmare. I took seven year olds on an overnight, how hard can that be when I've been on 12 day trips?

I almost got fired because another staff member screwed up big time. We forgot the food pack, then this jerk started swearing at people we met (who phoned in) and to top it all he let the kids swim unsupervised while throwing the breakfast I'd just cooked into the lake. Fun.

You get the idea, lots happens at camp and its kind of fun. If you can afford it.