Sun over canoes

I was working there and ending up being paid -$37. If you go as a camper it costs thousands of dollars for great fun and adventure.

I've spent a long time going as a camper, I'm very fortunate and spoilt. I spent a year working there, I'd love to go again. The money is bad and its great fun, what more does a young person want?

But I just can't justify it to myself. How can I go and spend two months helping rich kids learn how to paddle a canoe or sail a Laser when I could be spending my time and that airfare to Canada going out and helping real people who truly need help? The money's even worse, but aren't I going to make some kind of difference?

I hope so, which is why you won't being seeing anymore of me at camp, great place that is.

Let's see what I can do to help...

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