The light is taking forever to change.


I smile inwardly, knowing even to myself, I freely exaggerate. Anyone who knows me knows I am prone to hyperbole. It is not common knowledge, however, that the traffic light with the longest duration is at the corner of Garnet and Grand in Pacific Beach: three minutes and ten seconds. If any traffic light within San Diego and its suburbs takes longer than three minutes and ten seconds to recycle, the driver can assume the signal is in need of repair and legally drive on, making sure there's no oncoming car to impede forward progress.

I didn't consult the dash clock when the wheels of the T-Bird first came to rest near the white line of the crosswalk but it already feels like FOREVER because of the heat. It's another Santa Ana in San Diego, close to a hundred degrees, and the temperature of the air conditioning rushing out of the vents doesn't seem cool enough, not by a long shot. I am reminded once again that I need to have the fluids checked in the Bird.