The path we tread on the journey of life can take us on an exhilarating number of highs and lows. But it usually isn't until after they've gone by do we take the chance to stand back and truly take in what just happened to us.

This may merely involve a heartfelt sigh or chuckle to oneself. But sometimes that just isn't enough.

As I lie there ruminating (as such after-shocks normally trickle through me just as my mind begins to disconnect for sleep) my mind tumbles and spins like a pebble in a stream, aimless yet strangely powerful.

Occasionally some music, cranked down low, is playing in anticipation of such a state.

Suddenly something grabs me... I get ideas, rushes of emotion or flashes of understanding.

Here are just a few poems and pictures I've been inspired to take in such moments.

Jason Kitcat