I bade farewell to the locals who muttered back from their cribbage before I burst out into the sunlight again. Outside the pub the dog catcher was loading her van with two strays, the source of all the whining in the pub.

It was still hot so I walked over to the farm shop. I'd been in that shop so many times I'd already decided what I was buying before I entered.

Strangely enough nobody recognised me, not the farmer's wife or the daughter. So I bought my ice-cream and crept out while they chatted to some old lady. I'd always been in there with my mother, without her they didn't even blink at me, I just got 'the look'. Strange, I almost felt like a spy.

I licked my ice-cream and wandered back across the fields. I decided then and there that I liked this travel thing, and next time I'd go a little further from home. But just a little...

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